1. Humboldt County Democrats https://www.humboldtdemocrats.org/endorsements
  2. Humboldt & Del Norte Counties Central Labor Council https://www.facebook.com/humdnclc/
  3. North Coast People's Alliance http://northcoastpeoplesalliance.org/
  4. Humboldt County Green Party http://humboldtgreens.org/
  5. United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW 5 - representing Safeway, RiteAid, and North Coast Co-op workers) http://ufcw5.org/
  6. In-home Support Workers Union (SEIU 2015) https://www.seiu2015.org/
  7. Humboldt Progressive Democrats https://www.facebook.com/HumboldtProgressiveDEMS/
  8. Homeless Voices of Humboldt 
  9. Humboldt Public Employees Union (AFSCME 1684) http://www.afscme1684.org/


  1. Sofia Pereira, Mayor of Arcata
  2. Brett Watson, Vice-Mayor of Arcata
  3. Austin Allison, Eureka City Council


Alice Woodworth
Alicia Jimenez
Barry Smith
Bill Cook
Bobbee Paz
Bryan Jessup
Calista La Bolle
Carrie Peyton Dahlberg
Charlotte Olsen
Chris Kerrigan
Christopher Niehaus
Cory Hart Cortes Cruz
Dana Silvernale
Dani Burkhart
Elizabeth Niemeyer
Elizabeth Pierce Whitley
Eric Kirk
Erin Powers-Taylor
Fernando Paz
Helene Rouvier
James Hussey
Jasmine Manuel
Jennifer Hovie
Jennifer Ventura
Johnathon DeSoto
Katherine Culleeney
Katie Baza
Kellie Shaner
Kelsey Lynne
Ksenia Kruglyanskaya
Lesley Ester
Leslie Marshall
Libby Maynard
Lorraine Taggart
Lucia Dominguez Carrillo
Magaly Cervantes
Matthew Taylor
Mariana Molina Nava
Marlene Nantell
Mary Lou Lowry
Melissa Medina
Michele R Walford
Monica Topping
Natasha Wood
Nicole Couch
Richard Renteria
Rosa Angon
Ruby J Rodriguez
Ryan Knight
Sharon Beck Myers
Shelle McGee-Lucas
Steven Smith
Susan Karl
Sylvia Castro-Paz
Vernon Price
Yoana Castillo

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